Attorneys Explain 46th District Court Traffic Ticket Amnesty

Ask the Southfield Attorneys:
Does the 46th District Court
Have Traffic Ticket Amnesty?

As an experienced 46th District Court traffic attorney, I am often asked if Southfield, Michigan has a traffic ticket “amnesty program.” The short answer is, unfortunately, “No, not currently.” However, there are still many things a traffic attorney can do to get unpaid traffic tickets set aside, or have fines and penalties reduced.

What is a Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program?

A traffic ticket amnesty program offers people with overdue traffic tickets – and sometimes other misdemeanor violations – the chance to pay a past due fine, without being charged late fees and other financial penalties.

During an amnesty period, people with delinquent traffic cases can also take care of old traffic tickets and – and even warrants for civil infractions and some misdemeanors – without fear of arrest.

Courts usually say that the amnesty programs are aimed at giving violators a “clean slate”. But the reality is that most Courts offer amnesty as a way to bring in a large chunk of revenue from unpaid tickets – while also reducing their backlog of cases.

Does the 46th District Court have a Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program?

Michigan’s 46th District Court includes Southfield, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Franklin, Bingham Farms and Southfield Township.

Very occasionally in the past the 46th District Court has offered a traffic ticket amnesty program. However, there is no current amnesty being offered in Southfield’s 46th District Court.

Unfortunately, these type of ticket relief programs do not come around very often – and are only offered for a limited number of days. This year The 46th District Court offered an amnesty program that ran for one month from April 17 through May 12.

That amnesty program waived late fees on eligible traffic tickets and parking violations – and also waived late fees and warrant fees on eligible traffic misdemeanors that did not require a court appearance.

Our 46th District Court traffic attorneys have never seen an Oakland County District Court offer more than one amnesty program in the same year. So, it is unlikely that Southfield will offer more amnesty any time soon.

What to Do if You Missed the 46th District Court Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program

Failure to respond to a traffic ticket within the allowed time period will automatically result in a default judgment (“guilty conviction”) against you, including automatic assessment of any points and fines. Next, late fees will accrue, and your license will be suspended – which adds an additional fine to the ticket to have it reinstated. Finally an arrest warrant may be issued!

For this reason it is important to speak to an experienced 46th District Court traffic attorney, if you have unpaid tickets, missed a traffic related court hearing, or believe there may be a warrant for your arrest.

46th District Court Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Our caring attorneys understand that you may not be able to afford the tickets, and that you may feel hopeless about ever paying off your fines… so it may just seem “easier” to ignore them.  But, unfortunately, the fines and penalties will just continue to grow – and you may be in danger of being arrested at home, at work, during a routine traffic stop, or even if you are in a minor fender bender.

Our experienced traffic lawyers can immediately spring into action for you. We have successfully handed hundreds of traffic ticket cases in 46th District Court where we have gotten traffic offenses set aside, set up payment plans, or taken other action to ensure that our clients are not arrested.

Depending upon the money you owe, and the traffic violation with which you are being charged, there are numerous things that our experienced 36th District Court traffic attorneys can do. In some cases we can even file a Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment – to show the Judge “good cause” why the Default Judgment against you be “set aside”.

Call our experienced 46th District Court Traffic lawyers today – stop the “snowball effect” and get you back on track – so you no longer have to worry about an arrest warrant for 46th District Court traffic tickets.

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