How Detroit Traffic Attorneys Fight Tickets

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Fighting Tickets in 36th District Court

We hate that sinking feeling you get when you are pulled over. Then you get the traffic ticket – so now what do you do? Our experienced Detroit traffic attorneys have helped hundreds of men and women fight their traffic tickets in Detroit – getting them reduced or even dismissed. Here’s what you need to know.

Dismissing Traffic Tickets in Detroit with Traffic School

Some “minor” traffic tickets can be dismissed by attending “traffic school” – also called a  basic driver improvement course or “BDIC”. However, not all traffic tickets are eligible for this. If your traffic ticket is not for a minor offense, or if you have 2 points or more on your driving record, or if your ticket carries 3 or more points, it cannot be dismissed by attending traffic courses.

Read more about traffic school HERE. Or, to see if your ticket is eligible” for a “BDIC” dismissal call our traffic attorneys at:  800-717-4757

How to Fight Traffic Tickets in Detroit

There is only one thing you can do to “fight” a traffic ticket in Detroit Michigan: plead not guilty – within the timeframe stated on your ticket.

Once you go ahead pay the ticket, you are admitting your guilt, and you give up your right to “fight” the ticket. Additionally, if you ignore the ticket and do nothing within the time limit, you will be considered guilty by “default” – and you can no longer fight the traffic ticket.

Remember, the length of time you have to plead not guilty and fight a ticket is very limited. It will depend upon where you received the ticket. In Detroit (36th District Court) you typically have only 14 days to plead “not guilty” or “not responsible” to a civil traffic citation.

The length of time you have to plead not guilty should be printed on your traffic ticket. If you have lost your ticket, or are unsure of what is says, you may call the 36th District Court – or call our office and speak to a traffic attorney at no charge: 800-717-4757

Fighting the Traffic Ticket

Once you have entered your not guilty plea, you may ask for either an informal hearing or a formal hearing. We strongly suggest that you request a formal hearing. If you ask for an informal hearing you are not allowed to have an attorney – which means you are “on your own” against the police officer when you appear before the magistrate (judge)!

Remember pleading not guilty means you are claiming that you did not violate the law. So you will be required by the traffic judge (magistrate) to present “evidence” to prove that your innocence. This means it will be “your word” versus the police officer’s word – we all know who the traffic judge is likely going to believe.

Hiring a Detroit Traffic Attorney Improves Your Chance of Beating a Ticket

You are not provided a court-appointed lawyer for traffic violations. (Unless they are crimes in which you are facing jail time). So it is smart to consider hiring a Detroit traffic ticket attorney to appear at the traffic hearing and fight your ticket for you.

A skilled Detroit traffic attorney will know how to argue the law. They will be familiar with exceptions or special circumstances that may apply in your case. An experienced Detroit traffic attorney can also call witnesses to the stand, present evidence, question the officer who issued the ticket, and negotiate with the city attorney (prosecutor) to have your charges dropped or reduced.

Addressing a ticket “head on” with the representation of a skilled traffic attorney is always the best way to get a ticket reduced or possibly even dismissed in Detroit’s 36th District Court.

In most cases, investing a comparatively small amount of money in an experienced Detroit traffic attorney will more than pay for itself. Having an lawyer get your ticket reduced or dismissed can save you thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, car insurance increases, driver responsibility fees and license restoration costs later.

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