How Attorneys Beat Detroit Speeding Tickets

Detroit Speeding Tickets Attorneys Discuss:
How to “Beat” a Detroit Speeding Ticket

As experienced Detroit area speeding ticket attorneys, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is “How can I beat a speeding ticket?” In this article we discuss the consequences you could face for a speeding ticket in Detroit – and how you can reduce fines, avoid points and ultimately prevent unnecessary insurance increases.

Should I Pay My Detroit Speeding Ticket?

As a general rule, our traffic attorneys recommend that you “fight” rather than pay your speeding ticket.  Remember that if you simply pay your  speeding ticket, you are “admitting responsibility” and you will automatically be assessed fines and points. In Detroit, the faster you were driving, the more your speeding ticket will cost – and the more points you will be given on your driving record. CLICK HERE to see the fines and points for speeding tickets in Detroit.

“Points” may not sound like a big deal – but they really are. If you are over 21 years of age the Michigan Secretary of State will suspend your license if you accumulate 12 points. Points stay on your record for 2 years while the violation itself typically stays visible to police for seven – and up to ten – years.

But perhaps the biggest reason to fight a speeding ticket is the effect that points will have on your insurance rates. Speeding tickets in Detroit – and anywhere in Michigan – start at 2 points and go up to 6 points for reckless driving. And even a couple points can increase your insurance rates by hundreds of dollars of many years.

Every insurance company handles points differently, and there is not “set amount” that will (or won’t ) raise your rates. So paying one one ticket could cost you a “small” fine of $125 – $190 fine Detroit – but end up resulting in thousands of dollars in higher car insurance premiums.

What Happens if I Ignore a Detroit Speeding Ticket?

If you ignore a Detroit speeding ticket – and simply do not pay it or schedule a hearing – you “automatically” lose and will be assessed the applicable fines and points. This is called a “default”. Once you “default” you give up your right to have a hearing and contest (“fight”) your Detroit speeding ticket. CLICK HERE to see the fines and points for speeding tickets in Detroit.

Additionally, if you ignore your speeding ticket, the City of Detroit adds a $40 penalty to fine – if you do not pay or request a hearing within 14 days of the tickets due date.

And, if your speeding violation was a misdemeanor – such as reckless driving ticket – a warrant for your arrest will be issued if you do not respond to the ticket.

But, if you request a court hearing – and you have an experienced Detroit traffic attorney represent you – there is an excellent chance that you will be able to avoid or reduce the fines and points.

Can I Fight Detroit a Speeding Ticket Myself Without an Attorney?

If you follow the 36th District Court procedures by denying responsibility within 14 days and requesting a hearing you are “allowed” to represent yourself at the hearing. But your chance of winning your case and “beating” your Detroit traffic ticket are slim without an attorney.

Remember, it will be “your word against the officer’s word” – and who do you think the magistrate is going to believe? Additionally, the officer will typically have cold,  hard “proof” that you were in the form of “radar gun” results. Again, your word versus the radar gun is not likely to get you anywhere. Remember, you will be found guilty if the magistrate believes you were speeding – and it does not matter if you had a good excuse or valid reason for going too fast.

Can an Attorney Fight My Detroit Speeding Ticket?

An experienced Detroit speeding ticket attorney will be familiar with the 36th District Court’s policies, procedures and likely outcomes. An experienced Detroit traffic attorney will know the prosecutors, magistrates and judges.

Typically an attorney has access to meet with the prosecutor before your case even goes in front if the magistrate.  This means that the attorney can often negotiate or work out a speeding ticket “deal” and get a lower fine, fewer or no points, and in many cases can even get your speeding ticket dismissed.

Of course, you do have to pay an attorney. (There are no “appointed  lawyers” for cases that do not involve jail time.) But in the vast majority of cases, investing a relatively small amount of money in an experienced Detroit speeding attorney now can save you thousands of dollars in fines, insurance increases, driver responsibility fees & license restoration costs later!

Our Traffic Attorneys Fight Detroit Speeding Tickets

Our experienced Detroit speeding ticket attorneys will fight aggressively to help you “beat” or reduce your speeding ticket in 36th District Court – or anywhere across Southeast Michigan.

Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your Detroit speeding ticket, or any other driving infraction, in Detroit or anywhere in Michigan.