Detroit Traffic Attorneys: Improper Turn Tickets

Getting pulled over for an Improper Turn is frustrating. Often times you were not even aware that you had done anything wrong. When you are issued an Improper Turn ticket you know that there will be fines, points, court appearances and possible insurance increases. Knowing what to do, or how to fight the Improper Turn ticket can be confusing.

As experienced Detroit traffic attorneys, we have helped hundreds of Detroiters get the best results with their Improper Turn ticket. We’ve outlined some of the Improper Turn ticket basics to help you understand what consequences you could face – and how you can reduce fines, avoid points and ultimately prevent unnecessary insurance increases.

Traffic Fines for Detroit Improper Turn Tickets

The fines that are assessed for Improper Turn tickets are determined by the district (city) where you received your traffic ticket. Typically, the fee for an Improper Turn ticket will be listed on the ticket you received.

Below are the Improper Turn ticket fines in the City of Detroit effective at the time this was written in January 2017. Remember that Detroit traffic ticket fines can increase from time to time.

Detroit Improper Turn Ticket Fines

Turning Against Red Light                             $130.00                 ($170.00 after 14 days)

Failed to Signal on Turn                                 $105.00                 ($145.00 after 14 days)

Improper or Prohibited Turn                       $130.00                 ($170.00 after 14 days)

If you have misplaced your Detroit Improper Turn ticket, you can also call the 36th District Court traffic division (313-965-8700) to ask what your fine will be and see by what date you must pay the ticket.

Traffic Points for Detroit Improper Turn Tickets

Unlike the fees, which are set city-by-city, the same traffic ticket point system is in effect for the entire State of Michigan. Point values are assigned to each traffic violation – with more points given for more severe traffic offenses.

Detroit Improper Turn Ticket Points: 2 Points

If you are convicted of an Improper Turn – or if you “admit responsibility” by paying the ticket – the points will go on your driving record and stay there for 2 years from the date of the conviction. And your Michigan driver’s license can be restricted, suspended, or revoked by the Michigan Secretary of State if you accumulate too many traffic ticket points.

If you accumulate points on your driving record, your Michigan auto insurance rates will also increase – often by several hundred dollars. In some cases, an insurance provider might even drop your insurance coverage. And since auto insurance is a legal requirement in Michigan, losing your insurance means you cannot legally drive.

How Detroit Traffic Attorneys “Beat” an Improper Turn Ticket

If you simply pay your ticket, without going to a court hearing, you are considered to have “admitted responsibility” and you will be given the fines and points discussed above. Similarly, if you simply ignore your Improper Turn ticket and do not pay it or do not schedule a hearing, you automatically lose “by default” and will also incur these fines and points.

But, if you request a court hearing – and you have an experienced Detroit traffic attorney represent you – there is an excellent chance that you will be able to avoid or reduce the fines and points.

An experienced Detroit traffic attorney will know the prosecutors and the judges.  An experienced Detroit traffic attorney will also be familiar with the 36th District Court’s policies, procedures and likely outcomes. The attorney can often negotiate or work out a “deal” for you that involves lower fines and/or no or fewer points.

In most cases, investing a small amount of money in an experienced Detroit traffic attorney now can save you thousands of dollars in fines, insurance increases, driver responsibility fees & license restoration costs later!

Our Detroit Traffic Attorneys Can Help

Our experienced Detroit traffic attorneys will fight aggressively to help you “beat” or reduce your Detroit Improper Turn ticket. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your Detroit Improper Turn ticket, or any other driving infraction, in Detroit or anywhere in Michigan.