Detroit Traffic Attorneys Answer Your Questions

How Long Do I Have to Respond to a Traffic Ticket in Detroit?

The time frame for responding (called “entering a plea”) can be different from court to court. The amount of time you have to respond to your traffic ticket will usually be listed on the traffic ticket itself.

If you do not understand the time frame, call us and our Detroit Traffic Attorneys can help you. Do not wait for the Court to contact you.

You MUST respond within the time frame stated on the traffic ticket. If you do not respond within the time frame, the court will file a “default judgment” against you – which means you lose “automatically”.

What Do Detroit Traffic Attorneys Cost?

The cost to hire an Detroit traffic attorney depends upon a number of factors. Generally speaking, a traffic attorney will base their attorney fees on the amount of time that they will have to put into fighting your case.

If the lawyer can get your charges, fines or points reduced simply by talking to the City Attorney or prosecutor, your attorney fees will be less. If the attorney has to “go to trial” for you, more time is involved and so your attorney fees will be somewhat higher.

Keep in mind that an experienced attorney may charge slightly more than an inexperienced attorney.

Our Detroit traffic attorneys offer AFFORDABLE FLAT RATE FEES for tickets. This means that you know exactly what you will be charged. Our traffic ticket representation starts AS LOW AS $250 for civil infraction tickets.

In most cases, investing a relatively small amount of money in an experienced Detroit traffic attorney will save you thousands of dollars in points, insurance premium increases, driver responsibility fees & license restoration costs later!

How Many Points will I get for my Detroit Traffic Ticket?

Under Michigan’s point system, each traffic violation has the same point value, no matter where you get your ticket. These points are by the Michigan Vehicle Code.

You do not get points are placed on your driving record until you have admitted responsibility, been convicted or found guilty. The points will stay on your record for two years from the date of conviction.

Refer to the chart Below for the traffic ticket points that apply in Detroit, and the rest of Michigan.

When you hire us, our traffic attorneys will request a hearing on your behalf and appear in Court. In most cases we can work with the City Attorney or Prosecutor and ask for a reduction of the points. Our Detroit traffic attorneys handle all traffic tickets. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION and LOW FLAT RATES, to keep you on the road!

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