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Tickets for Cell Phones in Detroit

Cell phone and texting while driving laws are constantly changing in Michigan and across the country. It’s no wonder there is so much confusion on this topic! In this article our experienced Detroit Traffic lawyers explain what you can and cannot do with your mobile device while driving – along with current penalties for using your cell phone while driving.

Cell Phone Tickets While Driving

When looking at any type of traffic ticket, keep in mind that Michigan Secretary of State issues the driving offenses and points that apply to every city and county in the State. However, municipalities and cities such as Detroit set the fines you will pay – and are also free to enact certain additional cell phone offenses or tickets.

State-wide, drivers under age 18 with Level 1 or 2 learner’s permits are completely prohibited from the use of cell phones while driving. The fine for violating this cell phone law is $100 with a possible extension of license probationary period.

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles and school buses across all of Michigan are also barred from using handheld cell phones. They face a fine of $100 for a first offense – and a fine of $200 for subsequent tickets.

Detroit Tickets for Cell Phones

As of this writing Detroit is one of only a few cities in Michigan that has passed an ordinance stating that drivers making cell phone calls must use hands-free devices.

But keep in mind that, even in cities allowing cell phones, you can still be ticketed for careless or reckless driving if the officer feels your cell phone caused you to be distracted, commit a traffic violation, or cause an accident.

New Cell Phone Ticket Laws Affecting Detroit

The Michigan legislature has recently introduced new, stricter laws prohibiting use of any handheld cell phones anywhere in the State.

House Bill 4466 of 2017 proposes fines of $250 to $500, plus up to driver’s license 2 points for anyone convicted of using any hand-held wireless device while driving anywhere in Michigan. This new law does allow single-swipe use of cell phones if they are mounted on a windshield or dashboard.

While this law has not yet been passed, it is very likely that tougher new state-wide cell phone tickets will soon be on their way.

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