Traffic Lawyers Explain the
Michigan Ticket Point System

As experienced Detroit traffic ticket lawyers, we are often asked about the fines and points for traffic tickets in Detroit, Wayne County and across Michigan. This page explains how fines and points are assessed for traffic tickets in Michigan Courts.

Michigan Traffic Ticket Fines

Any time you are “convicted” of a traffic ticket, you will have to pay certain fines. Keep in mind that if you just go ahead and pay your ticket, you are “admitting responsibility” – which is the same as a conviction. This means you will “automatically” be assessed the points for that traffic ticket. Also remember, that if you ignore your ticket you will also be “automatically” assessed the fine and the points.

Traffic ticket fines can be different from Court to Court. Similarly, late fees or penalties can differ from Court to Court. But points are set by the Michigan Vehicle Code and are the same across all of Michigan, for any given traffic ticket.

A list of current Detroit traffic ticket fines can be found HERE. For the fines in other courts, you may call that court – or you are welcome to call our experienced traffic ticket lawyers for a free consultation.

Michigan Traffic Ticket Points

Under the Michigan traffic ticket point system, points are placed on your driving record only after you have been convicted of, or found guilty of, or admitted responsible for, the traffic offense. Again, just paying the fee instead of “fighting” the ticket will result in points. Similarly, ignoring the ticket will result in an automatic assessment of the points.

Points on your Michigan driving record remain there for two years from the date of conviction. Once the points are on your record, The Secretary of State itself cannot remove them. To challenge points on your record you would have to appear in the original Court where the points were issued and try to get your conviction set aside.

Once you accumulate 4 points or more, you will receive a warning letter from the Michigan Secretary of State. You will receive a second warning letter at 8 points or more. Once you have 12 points or more your license will be suspended and you should receive a request to come in for a driver reexamination.