trucker ticket attorneys michigan
trucker ticket attorneys michigan

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Our Attorneys Specialize in
Detroit Area Trucking Driving Tickets

Detroit is a major hub of industry and manufacturing, a port city and has an international border – which means thousands of trucks pass through the Detroit area every day. And where there are trucks, there are cities trying to capitalize on revenue that can be gained from writing trucking tickets. Thousands of CDL tickets are written along I-75, I-94, I-696, I-96, I-275, M-59, and US-24 every year.

And while these tickets make “big money” for cities in the Detroit area – they can cost hardworking truckers in fines, points, lost time . . . and even lost income if they lose their CDL.

Fortunately, our experienced CDL attorneys are right here in the Detroit area to fight your CDL ticket for you – and protect your CDL and your livelihood.

Our Attorneys Handle Detroit Area CDL Tickets WITHOUT You Present!

When you are facing hundreds of dollars in fines from a CDL ticket – or when thousands of dollars in lost income hangs in the balance – you need an experienced Detroit area truck driving ticket attorney at your side.

Our lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of Truck Driving Tickets in all Detroit area District Courts – as well as in Jackson, Erie, Romulus, Pontiac, and other cities that are well known to issue a high volume of  Michigan CDL tickets.

Best of all, we can handle your truck driving ticket or CMV / CDL infraction WITHOUT the need for you to return to the city where you received the ticket! You stay on the road, while we handle your ticket for you! Even if an appearance in Court is required, we will appear on your behalf – so you don’t av eto return.

Our Affordable Detroit Area CDL Ticket Attorneys Get Results!

Do not risk getting points, fines and even loss of your CDL license by pleading no-contest and just paying the ticket. We specialize in CMV / CDL tickets and we have successfully handled hundreds of them – keeping our hardworking American and Canadian truck drivers on the road and earning their living!

Our Attorneys Handle Trucking CDL Tickets in:

1st District Court
Erie, Monroe

16th District Court
Livonia, MI

17th District Court
Redford, MI

18th District Court
Westland, MI

19th District Court
Dearborn, MI

20th District Court
Dearborn Heights, MI

21st District Court
Garden City, MI

22nd District Court
Inkster, MI

23rd District Court
Taylor, MI

24th District Court
Allen Park & Melvindale

25th District Court
Lincoln Park, MI

26th District Court
Ecorse & River Rouge

27th District Court
Wyandotte, MI

28th District Court
Southgate, MI

29th District Court
Wayne, MI

30th District Court
Highland Park, MI

31st District Court
Hamtramck, MI

32A District Court
Harper Woods, MI

33rd District Court
Trenton, Rockwood,
Flat Rock, Grosse Ile
Woodhaven, Gibraltar,
Brownstown Township

34th District Court
Belleville, Romulus,
Sumpter Township,
Van Buren Township,
Huron Township

35th District Court
Canton Township,

36th District Court
Detroit, MI

12th District Court
Jackson, MI

72nd District Court
Port Huron, St. Clair

Grosse Pointe Municipal Court(s)
Grosse Pointe, MI
Grosse Pointe Farms
Grosse Pointe Park
Grosse Pointe Woods