Lawyers Explain Driver Responsibility Fees – Pt. 2

Detroit Traffic Ticket Lawyers Explain
Michigan Driver Responsibility Fees

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However, one of the most difficult, confusing, and genuinely unfair aspects of Michigan traffic ticket law are Driver Responsibility Fees assessed by the Secretary of State. This is the second part of a two part article, aimed at helping you understand Driver Responsibility fees, how much they cost, and what you can do about them.

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What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Driver Responsibility Fee?

If you can not pay your Driver Responsibility Fee if full, you have the opportunity to enter into an installment agreement.

However, if you do not pay the Driver Responsibility Fee, and you do not enter into an installment agreement (or you default on your installment agreement) the Secretary of State will issue a an “Order of Action”. This Order of Action is your notification that your driver’s license has been, or will soon be, suspended.

If Your Driver’s License Has NOT Been Suspended Yet:

If your driver’s license has not been suspended yet, you may be able to AVOID the suspension by doing one of the following:

  1. Pay the Driver Responsibility Fee in Full
  2. Make an Installment Agreement

You can do either of these things by calling Michigan Dept. of Treasury at: (517) 636-5240.

At this point mailing is not recommended as most payment methods take up to 14 business days for mailing and processing time. And if the suspension goes into effect before your payment is received you will then have to take the steps below to terminate the suspension – and pay an additional $125 reinstatement fee.

The pending suspension will be dismissed from your driving record once the fee is paid in full or you have entered into an approved Installment Agreement.

If Your Driver’s License Has ALREADY Been Suspended Yet:

If your driver’s license has already been suspended for not paying your driver’s responsibility fees, you will need to pay the Driver Responsibility fee In Full (PLUS a $125 reinstatement fee) in order to terminate the suspension and have your license restored.

Under certain very limited circumstances, a driver’s license MAY be reinstated with an approved Installment Agreement. But the only way guaranteed to terminate your suspension is payment in full. The reinstatement fee of $125 may also be included in your Installment Agreement, if it is approved.

You can call Michigan Department of Treasury to pay your Drivers Responsibility Fee at: (517) 636-5240.

It is important to note that, unfortunately, you cannot use a “hardship appeal” for the Driver Responsibility Fee amount, or the Driver Responsibility Fee suspension. So even if you have very extenuating circumstances, a restricted license cannot be issued to you for “hardship”.

And remember that once your Driver Responsibility Fee is paid in full, you must pay a $125 reinstatement fee to the Michigan Department of State to reinstate your driving privileges.

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