5 Reasons to Hire a Detroit Traffic Attorney

5 Reasons You Need a Detroit Traffic Attorney for Your Ticket

Some people believe that if they received a traffic ticket, they can save a few dollars by trying to fight it themselves rather than hiring and Detroit traffic attorney.

In this article we discuss five reasons why hiring a traffic attorney to fight your ticket will not only get you much better results, but will save you time and money in the long run.

Benefits of hiring a Detroit traffic attorney:

#1. Traffic Attorneys Save You Time

When you hire a Detroit traffic attorney they can appear on your behalf in court to fight your ticket, so that you do not have to take time off work, miss school, hire a sitter to watch your kids, and/or sit in court for hours waiting for your case to be heard.

#2. Traffic Attorneys Can Negotiate with Prosecutors

If you go to court on your own, you do not have access to the prosecutor or city attorney before your case. You must sit and wait until you can appear before the judge or magistrate.
However, attorneys have access to the Prosecutor or city attorney in order to negotiate a deal or “plea” or “lesser charge” – all before your case ever goes before the judge or magistrate.

A traffic ticket attorney can successfully negotiate with the prosecutor to reach a better resolution, in some cases they can get your ticket reduced to a lesser charge, and in many cases a Detroit traffic attorney can even get your ticket dismissed at this point.

A traffic attorney will also know the law, the prosecutor, and the magistrate or judge. They will know what the prosecutor or judge is likely to accept in terms of reducing your charge – And what the best “plea” or “deal” possible is in your situation.

#3. Traffic Attorneys Get Fines & Points Reduced

An experience Detroit traffic attorney will be able to get your case dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge which reduces fines and cost, avoids outrageous driver responsibility fees, and avoids points on your drivers record, which can drastically increase your insurance costs.

An experienced attorney can actually end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you add up the reduced (or dismissed) fines, and insurance savings from eliminating points.

#4.  Traffic Attorneys Keep You Out of Jail

If you are facing a felony traffic violation, you may also be facing a jail sentence. Many Michigan traffic offenses are felonies that can result in jail time. An experience Detroit traffic attorney can also keep you out of jail. Obviously the importance of this cannot be understated. If you go to jail on a felony traffic conviction you will likely lose your job, and in some cases even lose custody or visitation of your children.
When your freedom is at stake, don’t try to “wing it” and represent your yourself – hire an experience Detroit traffic attorney.

#5. Traffic Attorneys Keep Your Drivers’ License

Detroit traffic attorney can also help you keep your driver’s license. And keeping your driver’s license often also and means keeping your job, as well as being able to live a normal life without relying on others for transportation.

Best Detroit Traffic Attorneys

If you have a traffic-related ticket, an experienced Detroit traffic attorney can make all the difference in the world. Do not make the mistake of believing you can resolve your traffic matters without an attorney, or that you can “talk your way out” of your ticket before a judge or magistrate yourself. Call our experienced Detroit traffic attorneys for a free consultation today – and see what a difference having us by your side can make!

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