Fighting Driving on Revoked (DWLR) Tickets

Fighting Driving on Revoked Traffic Tickets

In Michigan a first offense for driving on a suspended license (DWLS) is punishable by a fine of $500 and up to 93 days in jail. This is not something to take lightly, or to try to handle on your own without an lawyer, if you wish to avoid being thrown in jail.

And, while a driving while license suspended (DWLS) and driving while license revoked (DWLR) have the exact same penalties, the long range consequences of driving while license revoked are much more severebecause of the Michigan Secretary of State administrative sanctions for a conviction of driving while license revoked.

Fighting Driving on Revoked Traffic Tickets On Your Own

Fighting any driving without a license charge is very difficult – because it is not a matter of opinion. If your license was previously revoked and you were caught driving a vehicle, it is simply a “fact” that you were driving on withoiut a valid license. It is not subjective, and is not up for debate or discussion.

Even if you “have a good reason” for driving without a valid drivers license, that is NOT a good “defense” that will hold up in court. So do NOT try to go in to court and “explain” to the Judge why you “had” to drive on a revoked license. Similarly, do not try to plead that it was “just this one time.” The Judge will likely see through this – as almost everybody claims it was “just this one time.”

Many people also try to claim that an emergency of some kind required them to drive without a license. However, if there is a medical emergency the Judge will likley tell you that you should have called an ambulance – not driven without a license. Similarly, if you plead that you “had to get to work” the Judge will admonish you that in the day and age of Ubers, there is never an excuse to have to drive on a revoked license.

For this reason you should never try to fight a driving on revoked license (DWLR) traffic ticket on your own without a lawyer. The judge will simply see that you had no license, and you will lose, possible facing up to three months in jail, as well as severe Michigan Secretary of State administrative penalties.

How Attorneys Fight Driving on Revoked Traffic Tickets

Whether you received your ticket in Detroit, Romulus, Southfield, Novi or somewhere else in Michigan, you really need an attorney who specializes in handling tickets in that specific Court. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer not only knows the law, but they also know the police officers, know the prosecutors and judges, and know how to negotiate the best results in your traffic case.

A good traffic ticket attorney knows what to say and how to say it – and can often get charges reduced (or dropped), fines lowered, and above all will help you avoid jail time.

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Our Detroit traffic ticket lawyers have successfully defended clients in hundreds of “driving on revoked” cases in every District Court in Wayne and Oakland County – including, Detroit, Southfield, Romulus, Novi, Pontiac, and more.

Our skilled legal team has established a reputation as top traffic ticket lawyers by consistently earning great results in tough cases. If you have received a traffic ticket in Detroit, Southfield, Romulus, Novi, Pontiac – or anywhere in Michigan – call our experienced traffic ticket lawyers today for a free consultation.

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