How Lawyers Fight Speeding Tickets in Livonia, MI

How Lawyers Fight Speeding Tickets in Livonia, MI

A common question asked of traffic ticket attorneys is, “Can you beat a Livonia speeding ticket?” The easy answer is “yes,” but likely not without the help of an experienced attorney with specialized knowledge of traffic law and Livonia’s 16th District Court.

Defending against a speeding ticket depends on the individual circumstances of the case, and also the kind of speed limit that was exceeded. Attorneys typically use one of the following defenses: either the defendant claims that he or she was not driving faster than the speed limit, or the defendant claims that he or she was justified in exceeding the speed limit.

Our experienced Livonia traffic ticket attorneys note that there are generally four ways that police officers measure the speed a vehicle is traveling: pacing, sight, radar or laser. Each method can be challenged based upon various theories and criteria.

Lawyers Challenge Speeding Tickets Based Upon “Sight” or “Pacing”

Determining speed by “sight” means that a police officer is stationary, and estimates the driver’s speed by observation. “Pacing,” on the other hand, involves estimation of speed by the officer driving in the same direction, matching the speed of the vehicle in question. In either case, a citation may be disputed by challenging the reliability of the officer’s ability to measure and determine the speed accurately. A driver might challenge the ticket by questioning the officer’s ability to see the driver’s vehicle either long enough or clearly enough for the estimate to be accurate. An officer’s lack of training or certification in speed estimation may also be brought into question.

Lawyers Challenge Speed-measuring Device in Speeding Ticket Cases

Devices such as RADAR and LIDAR are often used to measure the speed of suspect vehicles. (Radar uses radio signals to calculate the speed of a vehicle, and LIDAR uses lasers.) Either of these methods are more accurate than an officer’s estimation of speed, but neither is infallible. If a driver receives a speeding ticket based upon either radar or LIDAR technology, it might be argued that the device wasn’t calibrated correctly or as often as required, and therefore produced a faulty reading. Another defense might be that the officer was not trained sufficiently or properly, and a faulty reading was the result of the officer’s inexperience or operational error. Additionally, in heavy traffic, it can be argued that the device inadvertently picked up the speed of a different vehicle. With laser technology, light conditions (bright sunlight or glare) can interfere with a proper reading.

Lawyers Fight Speeding Tickets in Livonia by Showing “Safe Speed”

Sometimes, citations are issued for violating a presumed speed limit. In this instance, a traffic ticket attorney might argue that the speed the driver was traveling was actually safe when taking into consideration the weather, traffic, or other conditions.

Lawyers Fight Speeding Tickets in Livonia by Showing “Necessity or Emergency”

Occasionally emergencies happen, and you may have no other choice than to exceed the speed limit. This is called the “choice of evils” defense. An attorney would argue that the driver’s excessive speed was necessary to prevent immediate harm to either the driver or to others. In this case, the driver admits to driving too fast, but speeding was necessary to avoid a greater harm. Note that a Court may require witnesses or documentation verifying that a genuine emergency existed.

Livonia Lawyers Beat Speeding Tickets

In short, it is possible to “beat” a speeding ticket. However, in almost all cases, you will need an attorney who has experience in traffic law and is familiar with the various defenses and challenges under Michigan law that will yield the best possible result. We know Livonia’s 16th District Court inside and out – so hiring our attorneys greatly increases your chances of getting your fines and points reduced or dismissed entirely.

In many situations we can even represent you without the need for you to appear in court – so there is no need for you to return to LIvonia or any other District Court!

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