Speeding Ticket Lawyers Discuss Livonia’s Speed Traps

Livonia Speeding Ticket Lawyers Discuss “Speed Traps”

If you have the “need for speed”, you might want to steer clear of Livonia, Michigan. With issued tickets numbering more than 5,000 per year, Livonia ranks among American cities with the highest number of reported speed trap locations over the last two years. This list was compiled by the National Motorists Association, an organization that advocates for higher speed limits and more transparency in traffic courts.

Livonia topped the list in this report, with 27.9 speed traps reported for every 100,000 residents. To put the number in perspective, Orlando, Florida reported only 17.2 speed traps, and New York reported merely 0.9 speeding-ticket “traps” per 100,00 residents.

What Is a Speeding Ticket Trap?

The National Motorist Association defines a speed trap as “an area where there’s a law enforcement action where typically the speed limit is posted below the prevailing speed of traffic.” In other words, when police officers routinely patrol and enforce speed limits in an area where the normal speed of traffic generally exceeds the posted limit, that’s a speed trap.

Of course, if excessive speed in a given stretch of road is actually dangerous, aggressive patrolling is justified and may actually save lives. However, despite Livonia’s dubious distinction of having the highest number of speed traps per capita, its corresponding rate of traffic fatalities is generally lower than the state average.

Livonia residents also complain that posted speed limits change frequently along the same road, which they see as a method of “trapping” speeders so the Livonia police can write more tickets.

Officials Deny Livonia is a Speeding Ticket Trap

The National Motorist Association contends that overuse of speed traps is simply a revenue generator rather than a method of serving public safety. The Livonia police department disagrees, stating that speeding tickets are not written to make money for the police department. Revenues that arise from traffic violations go into the city’s general fund rather than into the police department’s budget. The department further stated that there are reasons for posted speed limits, and if a driver is not speeding, he or she can be sure that no ticket will be issued.

Livonia Speeding Ticket Attorneys

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