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Michigan’s Super Drunk Driving Law – Oakland County Attorneys

Michigan adopted a new “Super Drunk Driving” law in 2010 that added stiffer penalties to drunk drivers with blood alcohol content (BAC) of .17% or greater. Jail time is doubled, alcohol treatment is mandatory, driving is forbidden for 45 days, and installation of an in-car breathalyzer is required for a conviction of “super drunk driving.”

When you calculate the higher fines, driver responsibility fees, cost of the alcohol treatment and cost of the ignition interlock device, a person convicted in Michigan of Super Drunk driving is looking at a minimum of $8,000 to $10,000 in fees, fines and associated costs. Plus, your insurance premiums will skyrocket.

That is why we encourage you to contact our experienced drunk driving lawyers, if you have been arrested or ticketed for Super Drunk Driving in Michigan. We understand the new laws, and we know what to do to get the best possible results in this difficult situation.

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