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Michigan Drunk Driving Attorneys – Oakland County

We Fight Drunk Driving in Wayne, Macomb, Monroe & Oakland County

Our experienced drunk driving attorneys have handled thousands of drunk driving cases in Oakland Wayne, Macomb & Monroe County. We “know the ropes” and we will fight aggressively to obtain the best possible results in your OWI, DUI, OWVI, OWPD or Open Intoxicant case.

Michigan’s drunk driving laws were made harsher in recent years. A drunk driving conviction impacts your driving privileges, your freedom, your finances, your family and even your job.

Now a 3rd drunk driving offense within your lifetime is a felony, no matter how many years it has been since any prior offenses. Additionally, if convicted of a drunk driving offense you must pay up to $1,000 in driver responsibility fees to the Michigan Secretary of State for two consecutive years.

We are committed to offering you the most effective representation in your OWI or Drunk Driving case, at the most affordable prices. And your first consultation is always FREE.

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