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trucker ticket attorneys michigan

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Our Attorneys Specialize in
Pontiac Trucking Driving Tickets

Why Do They Give So Many Truck Driving Tickets in Pontiac?

Hardworking, over-the-road truck drivers are the life-blood of America. They deliver our food and get our essential goods across the USA. Without truckers the economy would simply collapse. A trucker’s CDL is their livelihood – and when their license is in jeopardy so is their income.

Yet, unfortunately, certain cities just see truckers as an easy target for generating big revenue – without having to raise taxes on their own citizens. Certain cities – such as Pontiac – ticket any and every possible trucker they can who is passing through their town. Sure this makes a lot of money for cities such as Pontiac – but the ultimate cost to the truck driver in fines, points, lost time and lost wages (and even a lost CDL!) can be devastating.

Pontiac is located along several major truck routes such as M-59, I-75 and US-24 – so several hundred trucks pass through Pontiac’s city limits every day. Canadian truck drivers, Michigan truck drivers, and Ohio and other out-of-state truckers are all targeted with CMV infractions in Pontiac, bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Let Our CMV Attorneys Handle Your Pontiac
Truck Driving Tickets WITHOUT You Present!

When you are facing not only hundreds of dollars in fines  – but possibly thousands of dollars in lost work – you need an experienced Pontiac Truck Driving Ticket Attorney representing you.

Our lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of Truck Driving Tickets in Pontiac – as well as in Jackson, Erie, Romulus, Port Huron, the entire Detroit area, and counteless other Michigan cities that are famous for writing thousands of CMV tickets.

We know Pontiac’s 50th District Court, and the Oakland County Circuit Court, inside and out. We are well acquainted with the judges, magistrates and the prosecutors in Pontiac – which means we have the “inside track” on getting you the best results in your Pontiac CMV infraction case!

Above all, we can handle your Pontiac truck driving ticket or CMV violation WITHOUT you needing to return to Pontiac. All it takes is a phone call to our office – so you can stay on the road and not have to return to Pontiac to fight your ticket.

Our Affordable Pontiac Trucking Ticket Attorneys Get Results!

Don’t let a CMV violation end up costing you hundreds of dollars in fines, adding points to your driving record and potentially costing you thousands of dollars in lost time on the road. With our experienced CMV attorneys handling your ticket, most CMV infractions can be reduced and even dropped. Never risk points, fines or even loss of your CDL license by pleading no-contest and paying the ticket. Trust your truck driving ticket to us and protect your driving record and your CDL!

We specialize in trucking tickets and we have successfully handled hundreds of them in Pontiac and across Southeastern Michigan. We can help you stay on the road, too! Call us today if you have received a truck driving traffic ticket anywhere in Michigan.

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