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trucker ticket attorneys michigan

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Our Attorneys Specialize in
Port Huron Trucking Driving Tickets

If you are a hardworking, over the road truck driver your CDL is your livelihood. You try to follow the rules so nothing jeopardizes your license.

Unfortunately certain cities and municipalities generate big revenue by ticketing any and every possible truck driver passing through their town. While this makes “big money” for cities such as Port Huron – it can cost truck drivers in fines, points, lost time and lost wages if they lose their license.

Our Attorneys Handle Port Huron CMV Tickets WITHOUT You Present!

When hundreds of dollars in fines is at stake – or when thousands of dollars in lost income hangs in the balance – you need an experienced Port Huron Truck Driving Ticket Attorney at your side.

Our lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of Truck Driving Tickets in Port Huron – as well as in Jackson, Erie, Romulus, Pontiac, the greater Detroit area, and other Michigan CDL Ticket “hot spots.”

We know the Port Huron Court’s process and procedures for handling Truck Driving Tickets. We also know the judges and the prosecutors in Port Huron – and we know how to get you the best results!

Best of all, we can handle your Truck Driving Ticket or CDL violation WITHOUT the need for you to return to Port Huron.

Why are There So Many Truck Driving Tickets in Port Huron?

The short answer to this is “money.” Truck Driving tickets provide huge revenue for cities located along major truck routes such as I-94, I-69. And, because it is a border-crossing from Canada, hundreds of truck drivers daily pass through Port Huron’s boundaries. Canadian truck drivers and American truck drivers alike are targeted with CMV violations in Port Huron, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the city.

Our Affordable CDL / CMV Ticket Attorneys Get Results!

A CMV violation can end up costing a truck driver or trucking company hundreds of dollars in fines and thousands of dollars in lost wages. But with an experienced attorney by your side, CMV infractions can in most cases be reduced and even dropped. Don’t risk points, fines and even loss of your CDL license by simply pleading no-contest by paying the ticket. And don’t risk your livelihood by trusting your truck driving ticket to just any traffic attorney!

We specialize in CMV / CDL tickets and we have successfully handled hundreds of them – keeping American and Canadian truck drivers on the road and earning a living!

If you received a CMV Truck Driving Ticket in Port Huron,
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