Southfield Traffic Attorneys Explain the 3 Kinds of Tickets

Southfield Traffic Attorneys Explain:
The 3 Types of Traffic Infractions

If you received a traffic ticket in Southfield, Michigan, it is important that you understand your rights. You must choose your next step wisely in order to protect your driving record – and avoid costly insurance increases and/or even jail time.

Traffic tickets in Southfield Michigan can be a civil infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony. Each is handled differently. Our experienced Southfield Traffic Attorneys have handle hundreds of traffic civil infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. Here are the “basics” of what you need to know about the three types of traffic infractions.

There are Three Types of Traffic Tickets

(1.) Civil Infraction Traffic Tickets in Southfield

The majority of traffic tickets are civil infractions. This means that they are not considered a “crime” and that there is no possible jail time if you are convicted. However, most civil infractions still come with hefty fines – and points on your driving record that can add up to license suspension and/or can cause your insurance to skyrocket.

Southfield traffic tickets are handled in the 46th District Court here are actually 5 options that Southfield now offers for responding to a civil traffic infraction. Choosing the right option can often result in reduced fines or points – or even a complete dismissal. But choosing the wrong option can result in large fines and points that can result in license suspension or insurance increases.

If you have received a civil traffic infraction in Southfield Michigan, call our experienced & affordable traffic attorneys. We can help you make sure you handle your civil traffic infraction in the best way possible!

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(2.) Misdemeanor Traffic Tickets in Southfield

A traffic case is a misdemeanor if the penalty for that offense may include a jail sentence for 93 days or less. Remember a misdemeanor is a crime – which will result in a criminal record. And if you fail to appear for your traffic misdemeanor hearing (arraignment) a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest.

It is important to know that traffic misdemeanors can NEVER be removed from a person’s criminal record! And, they can also – in some cases – keep you from being able to remove or “expunge” other crimes from your record. So ignoring a traffic misdemeanor – or pleading guilty and paying the fine – is never a good option. You can end up with a criminal record FOR LIFE.

Common Southfield Traffic Misdemeanor Tickets include: Reckless Driving, Driving with a Suspended License, Leaving the Scene of An Accident.

Because a traffic misdemeanor has such serious consequences, it is important to discuss your options with an experienced traffic attorney. An experienced attorney can often negotiate to have your charges, fines and points reduced – or even dismissed.

Our attorneys will work to protect your rights and driving privileges, while fighting to help you to avoid additional misdemeanor penalties such as jail time or fines.

(3.) Felony Traffic Offense in Southfield

If you are arrested for a traffic violation for which the penalty exceeds 93 days in jail, you will be issued a felony “complaint” by the prosecutor, rather than a “ticket.” You will likely be arrested “on the spot” – however if you are not taken into custody at the time of the offense, a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

Traffic felonies can include: third offense OWI/DUI, vehicular manslaughter, negligent homicide, leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, throwing dangerous objects from a vehicle.

Obviously a felony conviction is a very serious matter. Not only can you lose your license and go to jail, you can also lose your job and/or not be able to find a job in the future because of your criminal record.

Under no circumstances should you try to represent yourself in a felony traffic case. Nor do we recommend court appointed lawyers – because you never know who will be representing you in one of the most important matters of your life.

If you are facing a felony traffic offense in 46th District Court – or anywhere in wayne, Macomb or Oakland County – call our experienced traffic attorneys. Your freedom, your job and your financial future is on the line. Our skilled, aggressive and affordable traffic attorneys will give you a free consultation so you understand your rights.

Our Southfield Traffic Attorneys Can Help

If you are facing a civil, misdemeanor or felony traffic charge, call our experienced SOuthfield traffic attorneys today. We will give you a free consultation to explain your options. We have helped hundreds of people avoid jail time, reduce their fines and points, and even get their charges dismissed. We are here to help you too.