Southfield Traffic Ticket Fines

Southfield Traffic Attorneys List:
Ticket Fines 46th District Court

Our experienced Southfield traffic attorneys have listed the most common traffic ticket fines in Southfield Michigan (46th District Court).

NOTE: Traffic points are the same in every Michigan Court. However, these traffic fines may differ from court to court.

The traffic ticket fines are current as of April 1, 2017. Traffic ticket fines can and do change. If your traffic ticket fine is not listed on your ticket, or you have lost your ticket, call the 46th District Court. If you would like to fight your ticket, please call one of our experienced Southfield traffic attorneys for a free consultation.

Hiring an experienced Southfield traffic attorney is the best way to reduce or beat a ticket, and avoid fines, points and insurance increases.

Southfield Moving Violation Ticket Fines

General Violation Paid WITHIN 14 days Paid AFTER 14 days
Careless Driving $205 $245
Child Restraint Violation $115 $150
Disobey Stop Sign $130 $165
Disobey Traffic Control Device $130 $165
Disobey Traffic Signal $130 $165
Wrong Way on One Way Street $130 $165
Equipment Violation $115 $150
Defective Equipment $115 $150
Expired Plate $130 $165
Failure to Signal 130 $165
Failure to Yield $130 $165
Failure to Stop w Clear Distance $130 $165
Failure to Stop for School Bus $325 $360
Failure to Maintain Minimum Speed $130 $165
Following Too Close $130 $165
Impeding/Blockading Moving Traffic $150 $185
Improper or Prohibited Passing $130 $165
Improper Lane Usage $130 $165
Improper Turn $130 $165
No Valid Plate $115 $150
Seat Belt Violation $65 $100
Use of Handheld Cell Phone $70 $105

Southfield Speeding Ticket Fines

Speeding Violations

General Violation Paid WITHIN 14 days Paid AFTER 14 days
1-5 MPH Over Limit $120 $155
6-10 MPH Over Limit $125 $160
11-15 MPH Over Limit $145 $180
16-20 MPH Over Limit $160 $195
21-25 MPH Over Limit $170 $205
26-30 MPH Over Limit $185 $220
31 + MPH Over Limit $205 $240

Tickets with Waivable Fines

The following violations may be cleared without a fine or costs IF you:

  • Correct the violation; and
  • Present the citation to any law enforcement officer to certify the correction; and
  • Mail or present it to the 46th District Court within 14 calendar days of issue.

If certification is not obtained in 14 days, these fees apply:

Offense Paid WITHIN 14 days Paid AFTER 14 days
No Proof of Registration $115 $150
Defective Equipment $115 $150
No Valid License in Possession $220 $255

Our Southfield Traffic Ticket Attorneys Can Help

If you have received a traffic infraction , call our experienced Southfield traffic attorneys today. We will give you a free consultation to explain your options. We have helped hundreds of people reduce their fines and points, avoid costly insurance premium increases and in many cases get their tickets dismissed. We are here to help you too.