Fines & Points for Detroit Speeding Tickets

Traffic Attorneys Explain:
Fines & Points for Detroit Speeding Tickets

As experienced Detroit area speeding ticket attorneys, we are frequently contacted by clients asking what the penalties are for speeding tickets in Detroit. In this article you will find the fines, late fees and points you will face for a speeding ticket in Detroit.

Keep in mind that if you pay your ticket , you are admitting responsibility and you will automatically receive the fines and points listed below. Similarly, if you simply “ignore” your speeding ticket and do nothing, you will also receive the points and fines listed here – in addition to a $40 late fee per ticket.

However, an experienced Detroit area speeding ticket attorneys, like our lawyers, can help you reduce fines, avoid points and even get certain speeding tickets completely dismissed. While the fines below may be manageable, points on your driving record can result in thousands of dollars in insurance increases that you may not be able to afford. For this reason, it is always wise to discuss your Detroit speeding ticket with a skilled traffic attorney.

How Much is the Fine for a Detroit Speeding Ticket?

Traffic fines – including speeding tickets – vary from city to city. Your speeding ticket fine will depend upon the District (city) where you received your traffic ticket.

Below are the speeding ticket fines in the City of Detroit (36th District Court).

Detroit Speeding Ticket Fines *

Speeding 1-5/mph Over Speed Limit:         $125.00 ($165.00 after 14 days)

Speeding 6-10/mph Over Speed Limit:       $135.00 ($175.00 after 14 days)

Speeding 11-15/mph Over Speed Limit:     $150.00 ($190.00 after 14 days)

Speeding 16-20/mph Over Speed Limit:     $170.00 ($210.00 after 14 days)

Speeding 21-30 /mph Over Speed Limit:    $180.00 ($220.00 after 14 days)

Speeding 31/mph + Over Speed Limit:       $195.00 ($235.00 after 14 days)

If you have misplaced your Detroit speeding ticket, and don’t remember how many miles per hour “over” the limit your speeding ticket was for, you can call the 36th District Court traffic division at: (313-965-8700).

* These fines are effective at the time this article was posted in October 2017. Traffic ticket fines can and do regularly increase from time to time.

How Many Points for a Detroit Speeding Ticket?

Unlike the fees,  traffic points – including speeding tickets – do not vary from city to city. Points are set by the Secretary of State and are the same no matter where in Michigan you received your speeding ticket. Set point values are assigned to each traffic ticket – the more serious the offense, the greater the points..

Detroit Speeding Ticket Points

10 mph or less over the legal speed limit = 2 points

11 through 15 mph over the legal speed limit = 3 points

16 mph or more over the legal speed limit = 4 points

Reckless driving = 6 points

When you are convicted of a speeding – or if you “admit responsibility” by paying the ticket – the points will go on your driving record and remain there for 2 years from the date of the conviction. (note, however, that conviction itself can remain visible for 7-10 years, even after the points drop off. The Secretary of State cannot remove points. In some cases, however, atn attorney may be able to bring a “Motion” to “set aside” the court conviction and the points for it.

Drivers over age 21 will have their license suspended if they get 12 or more points in a two year period.  Drivers between the age of 18 and 20 will have their license suspended if accumulate 9 points in in a 12 month period, or 12 points in a 24 month period of time, 14 points for the duration of the license.

Our Traffic Attorneys Fight Detroit Speeding Tickets

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