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Michigan Traffic Ticket Points – Attorneys – Oakland County

It is important to keep in mind that if you do receive a traffic ticket, and you do not take care of it, your situation will only become worse. Failing to address a traffic violation can result in: license suspension; insurance cancellation; huge driver responsibility fees; and, even a warrant for your arrest.

How your particular traffic ticket should be handled will depend upon a combination of factors, including:
1. Where you received the traffic ticket;
2. The severity of the ticket; (Is it a civil infractions, misdemeanor or felony?)
3. The number of “points” associated with that traffic infraction;
4. Any previous traffic violations or prior criminal offenses you have;
5. Whether you are facing a license suspension or revocation; and,
6. The total effect these factors will have on your insurance.

The best way to understand what fines and points you are facing – as well as the long terms effects of the tickets –  is to speak to an experienced traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible. If you have received a traffic ticket in Michigan, our attorneys would be happy to offer you a fee consultation to help you evaluate your situation and decide what to do. Laws and circumstances can change – so it is always best to consult with an attorney to find out exactly what points and fines apply in your situation.


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Many tickets in Michigan carry points which will appear on your driving record. Our lawyers are successful in eliminating  these points so that nothing appears on your driving record.  When you receive a ticket,  it’s best to consult with our attorneys to determine whether your ticket carries points and if so, how many points.

Don’t let points and tickets appear on your record. Having a good record makes it much easier for our attorneys to reduce your ticket to 0 points which will not appear on your record. It’s very important to keep a clean driving record. Tickets stay on your record for years and this will cause increase insurance rates and for some people, the loss of a job.

Fight Your Traffic Ticket Without Appearing in Court!

We understand that you are busy, so we make things as simple as possible for you. For traffic tickets that are civil infractions, we handle your case without the need for you to return to the city where you got the ticket or to appear in Court. After our attorneys appear in court on your behalf, the Court will give you a reasonable period of time to pay any Court fines.

  •          Obtain legal representation by phone, fax or email;
  •          For civil infractions, no need to return for court appearances or hearings
  •          We aggressively negotiate to reduce charges, fines and driver’s license points;
  •          Pay any costs online or by phone.